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AD's iRepair - Local iPhone Repair


AD's iRepair - Local iPhone repair in Skagit County, WA since August 2012


Adrianne Ridenhour -Repair Technician/Geek


I'm sure all of you are wondering how I got into fixing iDevices... Well let's just say that this iPhone fan has had problems of her own. I had been messing with my iPhone for years, jailbreaking and such but It all started when I dropped my iPhone and cracked the screen while the phone was -- wait for it -- OUT OF WARRANTY (plus they probably wouldn't have replaced it since it was my fault for dropping said iPhone).
So, needless to say, I searched for an alternative -- pay Apple $200 for a refurbished iPhone or just do it myself; I picked the latter. A couple days later and an over-priced DIY kit from an un-named website, my precious iPhone 4 was fixed. From there, I did a ton of research, networked with iDevice part wholesalers and decided that this might be a fun little business!
Today I have successfully fixed and customized over 100 iPhones, and can do a screen replacement on an iPhone 4 or 4s in 40 minutes! Not to mention I can do iPad and iPod repair as well!

iDevice Repair & Customization

iDevice Repair & Customization